Jeanne Rose ~ Jeanne is the founder of New Age Creations, the first body-care company in the United States to use aromatherapy (since 1967) based on the formulas she invented and then used in The Herbal Body Book; she is the Director/Educator of both the Herbal Studies Course and the Aromatherapy Studies Course by home-study and Distance-Learning and the author of 25 books.  She coined the word ‘hydrosol’ for the aromatic waters of distillation. She was the first to teach the Art of Distillation to aroma practitioners.

She brings 45 years of experience and personal research in her practice of Aromatherapy.  Jeanne Rose has held the Executive positions of (NAHA), The American Herbalist Association (AHA), and The Aromatic Plant Project (APP) —which encourages the production and use of American grown essential oils and hydrosols. Jeanne Rose teaches all aspect of aromatherapy and herbalism as well as Aromatherapy Certification Courses; and the Art of Distillation.

She practices a personal ecology and eats organically grown and locally sourced foods.



Table of Contents ~ Profiles


Anise seed and Star Anise

Basil & Holy Basil EO, Herb, Hydrosol


Calendula Infused Oil


Chamomile, Roman

Citronella Story

Citronella Grass – a Profile

Clary Sage

Clove Oil/Herb

CO2 Extracts • Perfumery & Skin Care

Cypress and Blue Cypress EO


Evergreens & Similars

Fennel ~ Herb, EO, Hydrosol

Firs – Profile & Hydrosol

Frankincense ~ Fabulous Ancient Remedy

Gourmet Scents

Gourmet Perfumery

Hydrosol Story -Rose Geranium

Juniper Berry – Juniperus communis

Lavender, Lavender, Lavandin

Lemongrass ~ EO & Herb

Licorice Scent in Essential Oils

Myrrh EO & CO2

Palmarosa ~ a grass



Pines – Pinyon and Scotch


Roses – Grown for Scent

Roses – Used for Scent

Rosemary. Chemotypes and Hydrosol


Sandalwood – ALL
Sandalwood-Hawaiian & New Caledonia
East Indian Sandalwood


Spruce – Black

Tarragon EO/Herb

Tonka Bean


Vetiver  & Vetivert

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